Hi Everyone,

The pSek Affiliate Program is finally here and trust me it was worth the wait because we're offering up to $100 for every single client you refer! I'l get right to the point - here's how it works:

Refer 1-5 clients in a month and receive $40.00 per client
Refer 6-10 clients in a month and receive $60.00 per client
Refer 11-15 clients in a month and receive $80.00 per client
Refer 16+ clients in a month and receive $100.00 per client!
For example: If you send us 16 sign-ups in any month you will get $100x16 = $1,600

How do you sign up for the pSek Affiliate Program? Just visit the following URL:

Once signed up, you'll have access to the pSek Affiliate Manager which will assist you in promoting our Hosting Services. There's banners, links, and articles that we've provided for you to help spread the word about pSek's "Quality" hosting services. There's also in depth Tracking and Report tools to aid you in the process.

We're located in the #1 telecommunications facility in the world - the One Wilshire Datacenter. All of our servers are built with only server grade components (not desktop) and we only use the highest grade Supermicro servers, which have the finest quality parts and cooling chassis.

Another practice that separates us from 99% of other web hosts out there, is we limit the number of accounts on each server. This results in sites loading at lightening fast speeds and gives clients plenty of room to grow. Our bandwidth is also of the highest quality - we have a premium blend of the following Teir 1 Providers: Savvis, At&t, Global Crossing, and Level 3. Our network is truly top notch and downtime is not an option. And when it comes to Support we're here 24/7/365 to assist you and offer each and every client our personal attention.

You don't have to be a current pSek client to join - anyone can sign up for the affiliate program so get started now. And if you know anyone who's sick and tired of their $1.00/mo Web Host providing terrible service - tell them pSek Hosting is their answer and you'll start making $$$. We're bringing the "Quality" back to an industry oversaturated with poor service. And the best thing is, our prices are affordable.

Brandon Mizrahie