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    Post How To Optimize E Commerce Website


    can any one tell me How to Optimize a E commerce website

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    Dear Sir,
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    In e-commerce sites product webpages are much important.So don't neglect seo work on that webpages.Optimize every product web page with appropriate product and also we can focus on on customers produced opinions.Use unique meta information for every web page and try to focus on products as key terms. - Windows VPS hosting by √ Dedicated hardware √ MS Hyper-V technology

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    Optimizing an ecommerce site can be a bit of a hassle. I don't really have an ecommerce site but I would guess that the most important to consider is the content.

    Below are the steps I could think of to optimize you ecommerce site:

    1) Make sure you only have one product per page (Not unless you want to compare them or if the page is a list.)
    2) You have to do good with your SEO not just for your homepage but for each product as well (Per page and link).
    3) Ensure that you have a good sales description on the product (Feature over benefits).
    4) Upsell if you have products that complement one another. (Check out the big websites, when you purchase something, they you give you a suggestion with a check box on it. Check boxes are much simpler that another buy button).
    5) Ensure there's a comment / feedback section on the page where you're selling the product (Also another suggestion is to hire someone to make those comments. Even though it's unethical.).
    6) Create support sites. You are selling a product so you need to at least have a support section preferably in a social media site like FB.
    7) Just like number 3, make sure the content of that page is good. No grammatical errors. If a user sees that you can't even spell or do good with your grammar they probably think you're a scammer or lousy.

    Hope that helps.
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    right my dear optimize every products with appropriate products.

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    I have given some tips to optimize the E-Commerce Website. Please check it out :
    1. Write Unique Product Descriptions.
    2. Weigh time vs. return. (If your e-commerce site has hundreds or thousands of pages, don’t wait until all of them are optimized before you start rolling out the improved pages. Determine which product pages are the most profitable for your business (most popular and/or highest return) and optimize those first. )
    3. Create Templates
    4. Incorporate Consumer reviews.
    5. Develop a horizontal linking structure

    Quote Originally Posted by webdesigmumbai View Post

    can any one tell me How to Optimize a E commerce website

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    At MarketingExperiments, our research shows that the highest performing site pages match exactly the motivation of a visitor, and that on retail websites most visitors fall into one of two categories:

    1. Hunters. They already know what they want and are looking for the quickest, easiest, and safest way to get it and go.
    2. Browsers. They may have ideas about a purchase but need more convincing, or they’re simply “window shopping.”

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    Now have a look at product page, having an E-Commerce website evidently there are similar pages with little change. So how can we optimize them to increase sales and leads? We are going to discuss some tips which help to drive traffic to your website.

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    The below link has 10 ways to optimize eCommerce website.

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    Read the following tips, which may help you.

    10 ways to optimize your E Commerce Website for Google Search:

    1. Panda Loves Humans

    Thanks to Panda, the latest update to the Google algorithm, content does not only have to be unique, but it also must have a level of quality. User experience levels, page layout, bounce rate, time spent on site and diversity of site traffic are all important factors helping to determine your site’s PageRank. In taking these extra steps, Google gets closer to offering quality search results to their users — pages clearly written for spiders will be penalized.

    To get unique content at little cost, encourage your users to upload reviews, comments, photos, videos, etc. It is often the content of current customers that will match the search query of potential customers, ultimately driving more traffic to your site.
    2. Control Duplicate Content Control Duplicate Content

    Duplicate content will lower your search rank and is a common challenge for ecommerce sites. To minimize this:

    Canonicalize your links.
    Submit your URL to Google.
    Syndicate your content … wisely.
    Reference your URL consistently.
    When your content is being reused without your permission, request that Google remove the page under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    The tighter control you keep over content duplication, the more likely your page is to come up in the ranks.
    3. Frontload and Focus

    “You wouldn’t put everything in the front of a physical store — you couldn’t — so set priorities,” says Dr. Peter J. Meyers, president of User Effect. The bulk of a site’s sales typically come from a small percentage of their products. Focus on heavily marketing these few hot items instead of every single product. Make sure to directly link to these product pages from your homepage.
    4. Quality Over Quantity

    Paying for traffic that doesn’t lead to conversions is a waste of money. It’s great to rank — organically or paid — for the keyword “camera.” But long-tail terms, such as “Canon EOS,” are more likely to reach customers closer to making a purchase.

    Scott Smigler, of SEMPO Boston and Exclusive Concepts, Inc., warns that the use of Google’s Keyword Tool can lead you to have copy similar to your competitors. Instead, review the analytics of a product page you want to promote. Identify the long-tail keywords that are driving users to the page — and incorporate them into your copy for Googlebot to crawl.
    5. Get Cutting Edge with Google AdWords

    Smigler points out that many users overlook the latest AdWords features: offering extensions, mobile targeting, retargeting, leveraging the Google Merchant tie-in, and (the newly launched) enhanced site links. Become an early adopter and take advantage of a cheaper cost-per-click. There are so many strategies to enhance your AdWords that you can tailor your program to suit your needs.

    6. Explore All Types of Content
    The popularity of Google Image Search and Google’s Universal blended search makes the optimization of all media types essential. Elisabeth Osmeloski, of and, encourages the optimization of title tags, alt tags, and recommends that you ensure that all links pointing to the image include relevant keywords. Rename those generic image titles (Product125.jpg becomes BlueCardiganSweater.jpg) and utilize the newly released structured markup for videos.

    GoogleBot now crawls Google News, and “it’s a great way for smaller brands to play with the big brand,” says Osmeoloski. “A small boutique could go to their local news outlet with a story about top spring fashion trends, resulting in their URL appearing in news results.”
    7. Keep It in the (Google) Family

    If Google is where you want to rank, take advantage of Google products. Google Base has been rebooted as the Google Merchant Center, where site owners can upload product feeds for easy discovery in Google Product Search. Afterwards, link these same feeds to your AdWords account in order to grab prime SERP real estate with Product Ads.

    8. Be a Social Butterfly

    Many brands already have Facebook Pages, but the emergence of “Search, Plus Your World” just made Google+ more relevant. Users now see photos, posts and content from their friends integrated into their search results. Be active on Google+ to increase your chances of appearing more prominently in the search of a potential customer.

    9. Google Places

    If you have a brick-and-mortar store, take advantage of Google Places. Google reports that one in five searches is related to location. If you have multiple storefronts, make sure they’re individually listed and include detailed information: business hours, photos, live updates and even coupons. According to Google Places for Business, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online — looks like Google listings don’t just gain traction in the online world.
    10. Use

    Ecommerce sites are often generated from structured data converted to HTML for human consumption — but not optimized for Googlebot. The formalized outlines found on will provide search engines with access to your data. Osmeloski stresses that the protocols, found on, “help Google crawl and also help return properly organized results for users”.

    Ten best practices can already be overwhelming, so we’re quietly sneaking this eleventh tip in: diversification. Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor, cautions that “depending too much on any one channel is risky. At any point Google can — and will — change the search results, which could reduce visitors and revenue.” Smart retailers will master multiple channels to minimize the impact of these changes and maximize revenue and growth.
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    Many methods are used for the optimizing the e – Commerce site in the internet. SEO is a very popular tool available online. Optimization of the website is done successfully by using SEO.

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    With hundreds (or even thousands) of product and category pages, on-page SEO for ecommerce sites is a real challenge. In this video you’ll learn how you can properly optimize the pages you want ranked in search engines without having to go crazy re-writing meta tags for every single page on your site. You’ll also learn a few tricks you can use to show Google that your pages have quality content on them.

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    The best SEO strategies for e-commerce websites is how you structure your menu on the website. The way you describe your product content within the description and adding as much content within the description. For example images, videos and any manuals.

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    You can also try these following factors to improve your website's page speed score.

    1. Switch to a different hosting provider or improve your package.
    2. Minimize HTTP requests
    3. Reduce Time to First Byte (TTFB)
    4. Revision of third-party extensions

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    There's no one way to optimise a site unfortunately there's a lot of complications with how the site is built along with other various factors.

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