ProBuilderPLUS a scam?
Please take a moment to read this.

As ProBuilderPLUS continutes to grow and help people from all over the world make more money than ever before, more and more people are recognizing ProBuilderPLUS as a true force on the internet.

With that growth, excitement, and big checks being paid out to our members, also comes skeptics. This past week we have seen the emails originating from Raul and Kirk and although we do not feel the need to defend what we believe is very obviously untrue rumors, per the request of some of our members, we want everyone to know the truth so they can be confident in promoting and sharing ProBuilderPLUS with others.

One of our awesome members took the time to outline what makes ProBuilderPLUS a true leader in this industry. Please take a moment to read it and ask yourselves the following questions.


In response to the email from Kirk Leddon and Raul Mari declaring ProBuilderPLUS a scam, let us first define the word ďscamĒ.

scam (sk m) Slang

A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.

As Iím sure anyone would agree, a company who is stealing money from people, not paying commissions, or committing fraudulent or unethical acts would be considered a scam.

Ask yourselves the following questions:

Does ProBuilderPLUS have a valuable product? YES

Do ProBuilderPLUS members get significant value for their money? YES

Even without a compensation plan, would $29.95 per month for the tools, trainings and other resources that ProBuilderPLUS provides to its members still be a good deal? ABSOLUTELY

Does ProBuilderPLUS pay commissions to its members? YES

Does ProBuilderPLUS pay commissions on time and do they pay the correct amount? YES

Does ProBuilderPLUS allow members to spam or attract new prospects in misleading or unethical ways? ABSOLUTELY NOT

Has ProBuilderPLUS invested thousands of dollars to implement the exact same powerful fraud prevention software that huge companies like Yahoo use to fight against identity theft to further protect its members? YES

Has ProBuilderPLUS attracted hundreds of leaders, top income earners, and successful network marketers from all over the industry who know and recognize scams and who would never ever get involved in or put their name behind anything that even slightly resembled a scam? YES

Is ProBuilderPLUS truly committed to the success of its members and committed providing the best value, training, and compensation plan in the industry? YES

Has ProBuilderPLUS ever stolen money from anyone or not followed through on anything? NO WAY

Is there anything, even a little tiny thing, that ProBuilderPLUS does or has done that even slightly resembles a scam in the least bit? NOT A SINGLE THING

The point is, anyone who believes ProBuilderPLUS is a scam clearly does not have a true understanding of our awesome business or how it works.

Not only is ProBuilderPLUS clearly NOT a scam, but the company has invested a lot of time, money, effort and energy to fight against abusers in terms of identity theft and spam. In fact because of these powerful strategies, ProBuilderPLUS has not only been able to block identity theft, but when it is attempted, the company has been able to notify over 200 innocent people that a third party has access to their credit card which has allowed these people to cancel their credit cards and prevent further identity theft from happening.

I donít think a company who was considered a scam would be anywhere near as committed to helping people as ProBuilderPLUS is.

Please forward this email to everyone who you forwarded Kirk and Raulís email to. It is not fair that such a wonderful company should take this kind of abuse, especially when it has done absolutely nothing wrong, everything right, and helped so many people around the world.

So, even if you are not in ProBuilderPLUS, it is only right to let everyone know the honest truth, rather than be spreading rumors of false information. Please forward this email to everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Hopefully this will open the eyes of Kirk, Raul, and anyone else who until now did not understand how great of a company ProBuilderPLUS truly is.