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    Quote Originally Posted by Bull View Post
    I came across web site and recognized that they offer Cloud server hosting solutions - this attracted me.

    What privileges will I have with Cloud server?
    Any comments on this host?
    Nowadays Hostpro is considered to be one od the best Cloud hosting providers in Europe.If we take the server according to your needs, we will have a Cloud machine with the following configuration:

    CPU 3
    RAM 3072 MB
    HDD 30 Gb
    Speed 25 mbit/s
    Price $73/month

    With the Cloud server you will be able to modify the server resources anytime you want this.If your server for example is overloaded and you want to add more memory ,cpu or disk space, you can just push one button and add additional resources for your server.You can also decrease the number of server resources in the same way if you see for example, that your server doesn't need 2 GB of Ram and 2 Cpu, but is working without any problems with one CPU and 1 Gb of RAM.

    This is the main advantage of the Cloud technology.Noreover, with a Cloud server you get more stability and data security as your data is located on the San disk massive.

    Below you will be able to see the scheme of how the Cloud technology works at Hostpro:
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    The best host which provides cloud servers is
    They offer an ability to create unlimited virtual machines with resources you buy, offer up to 32GB RAM and 24vCPU per virtual machine, ability to choose RAM, CPU, Storage separately, not as bundle. This saves lots of money. And many more.

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    As I see Newpush is totally best option to get reliable cloud servers. Many webmasters from all over the world are satisfied with their performance, stability and competitive prices.

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    Your sites and projects will be in good hands if you choose Cloud hosting solutions.
    These guys know how to keep everything working and do their work qualified.
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    I recommend to people who are in search of good host which will provide reliable cloud and servers. Trustworthy solutions, scalable service and featured plans can be got by this.

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    I found its offering great prices to managed our complete cloud hosting

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    I am currently with, I am using their VPS for like 2 months now. I didn't find any trouble with them. Moreover, they are really supportive and helpful. I think, you should check their service.

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    I would go with Citrix hosting providers. Citrix servers are faster and much more reliable than the typical terminal services.

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    Amazom EC2 helps you launch and remove web servers as you need with OS and configurations you need too.

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