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Thread: Patch Tuesday

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    Patch Tuesday

    For those who do not know, Microsoft times the release of their patches to the second Tuesday of every month. This month is no different and includes patches for Office, Exchange, Windows and more.

    So if you do not have your system set to get updates automatically (which is probably a good idea anyway where possible) may sure to check out these new patches and updates.

    You can get more details at Ryan Naraine's article over at
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    Yes, they release their patches on the second Tuesday of every month and usually somebody releases a nasty exploit the very next day . In my opinion Microsoft must be more flexible and to release updates as needed versus waiting for the patch cycle.

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    Impressive post,i agree with you,thanks for this sharing.

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    Patch Tuesday is the second Tuesday of each month, when microsoft introduces the newest fixes for its windows operating system and related software applications. Microsoft introduced Patch Tuesday in 2003 for the means of reducing prices associated along with patch deployment. According the rule, patches are only sent out on that day although code fixes. In Microsoft company patches are sending only once a month simplifies patch management.

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    Patch Tuesday, also known as Black Tuesday, is the second Tuesday of each month, when Microsoft releases the newest fixes for its Windows operating system and related software applications.

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    That's what experts have now concluded, even though Microsoft will not say straight out if it plans on upending the 12-year practice of providing security patches on the same day each month to everyone.
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    With Windows 10's launch only five days away -- the new operating system will debut July 29 on previewers' PCs -- the question of whether Patch Tuesday lives and breathes, or will die a sure death, maybe quickly, maybe slowly, still remains officially unanswered.

    But security professionals and industry analysts have come to the conclusion that Patch Tuesday will continue, possibly in the same form it has since 2003.

    "Patch Tuesday is not going away any time soon," said Chris Goettl, product manager for patch management vendor Shavlik. "It's been blown out of proportion."

    "Patch Tuesday" is the label that's been stuck to the second Tuesday of each month, the day Microsoft has issued its security updates since 2003. (Microsoft prefers the more upbeat "Update Tuesday.") The practice was begun to make patching more predictable, especially for businesses -- the Redmond, Wash. company's biggest and best customers -- who generate the bulk of the firm's revenue.

    Two months ago, Patch Tuesday's survivability seemed in doubt after Windows chief Terry Myerson said, "We're not going to be delivering all of the updates to all of these consumers on one day of the month," when talking about changes to Windows Update under Windows 10.

    Observers used that comment to conclude that Microsoft was killing Patch Tuesday and would instead roll out security fixes as soon as they were ready, returning to its pre-2003 practice. Two weeks ago, when Microsoft shipped its July batch, some marked it as the last-ever Patch Tuesday.

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    Microsoft formalized Patch Tuesday in October 2003. Patch Tuesday occurs on the second, and sometimes fourth, Tuesday of each month in North America. As far as the integrated Windows Update (WU) function is concerned, Patch Tuesday begins at 18:00 or 17:00 UTC (10:00 PST (UTC−8) or 10:00 PDT (UTC−7)).

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    Patches are nothing but pieces of software code that are written to fix a bug in a software application, that might lead to a vulnerability. Such vulnerabilities in any application are loop holes for attackers to get their hands on business critical data and information. So it is highly crucial to keep all the applications in a network updated to its latest versions. Updating applications in mobile phones and laptops also work in the same manner by preventing theft of personal data, through security flaws.

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