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    Managed Vs Unmanaged Dedicated Server

    If you are planning to get a dedicated server, you should know the difference between managed and unmanaged servers :

    Managed Servers are dealt with by the web hosting company. As a user, you will be able to set up the basics, like domains and mailboxes, but the web host company keeps responsibility for all necessary set-ups and maintenance of the server. While exact definitions vary among providers, generally speaking, managed hosting means your provider takes complete or near complete care of your server, which includes anything from basic system maintenance and patches to applications maintenance, security, monitoring, etc.

    Unmanaged Servers are cheap, and basically self-managed by the customer. Unlike the before mentioned, you are responsible for configuring and maintaining the server. The data center sets up the hardware, connect it to the internet, assigns the IPs and install the OS and maybe the control panel and the rest is up to you. Your tasks would be to configure the server, install programs, add your firewall and troubleshoot. In such web hosting services, your web hosting service provider will install all the systems that are required except the operations to be handled by you.

    Thus, unmanaged dedicated server will be an option if you have technical competences to manage security and operations of the system. Otherwise, you'd better pick the managed dedicated server choice that will help handle troubles.
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    A managed dedicated server hosting

    is one that is owned or leased by an organization, but managed by another company. There are many companies that offer their services and each vary by levels of support. Basic support can include notifications about malfunctions or suspicious activity coming from your box. Other levels can include variations of the following:

    Email and phone support
    OS configuration, customization, debugging, updates
    Support for uncommon software or tools
    Tracking of bandwidth, RAID, CPU or hard drive usage
    Monitoring uptime/downtime

    An unmanaged server

    is fully controlled by you. When leasing a server this way, you should have technical knowledge and know how to keep the machine’s software running. You are accountable for any maintenance or emergency fixes outside of what is promised in your dedicated hosting provider’s SLA (service level agreement). In this, data centers sets up hardware, connect it to the internet, assigns the IPs and install the OS and cPanel.

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    On a managed dedicated server plan, the hosting company can decide to replace all components and take care of the entire infrastructure. However, on an unmanaged dedicated server, the web host is no longer responsible with maintaining the control panel, nor for security vulnerabilities installed by the client.
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