Hi, I'm aznxelmo from the advertising team of XWH(Xtreme-Webhost) and we at XWH would like to invite you to join our community and get free hosting.

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Note: Posting is required, but you may request hosting first. It is also required that you stay active at our forums to keep your hosting account.

Free Plan 0

Space - 1000 MB
Bandwith - 10,000 MB
MYSQL Databases - 20
FTP Accounts - 20
E-mail Accounts - 20
Sub-Domains - 20
Cpanel - Yes
FTP - Connect through FTP Client.
Posts Required: 5

Limitations for Free Plan 0 (These are only first time)
You need to have 50 posts before 20days after you get your hosting is up.
If you do not increase your post count, then
your account will be automatically deleted without any warning.
Your plan will be upgraded to Free Plan 1 when you increase your post count.

Free Plan 1

2000MB of space
17500MB of bandwidth
50 POP3 Email accounts
50 SQL DBs
0 Addon Domain and Parked Domains
50 Subdomains
50 FTP Accounts
Frontpage Extensions Yes
CGI-BIN Access Yes
50 Ftp Accounts
All Filetype Support No
Required Posts:50


Thanks alot,
aznxelmo of the XWH advertising team.