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    Is there a scraping software that can collect discussions on Twitter?

    Is there software, out there, that collects all the tweets with a certain hashtags

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    Yes, there are several tools and software that can be used to scrape Twitter for discussions and other data. Some popular options include:

    Twint: This is an open-source tool that can be used to scrape Twitter data without using the Twitter API. It can be used to collect tweets, followers, and other information.

    TweetScraper: This is another open-source tool that can be used to scrape Twitter data. It can be used to collect tweets, retweets, replies, and other information.

    Twitter API: The Twitter API is an official API provided by Twitter that allows developers to access and collect data from the platform. It can be used to collect tweets, users, and other information.

    Web scraping tools: There are also various web scraping tools that can be used to collect data from Twitter. These tools typically work by sending HTTP requests to the Twitter website and extracting data from the HTML response.

    It's worth noting that Twitter has strict policies around scraping data from its platform, and you should make sure to read and understand these policies before attempting to scrape data from Twitter. In general, it is not allowed to use automated tools to access the platform's data, and you should only scrape data for personal, non-commercial use.

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    Yes, there are several software tools that can be used to scrape discussions on Twitter. Some examples include:

    Twint: This is an open-source Python library that allows you to scrape Twitter data and tweets without using the Twitter API. Twint can be used to collect tweets, conversations, user profiles, and more.

    TweetDeck: This is a Twitter management tool that allows you to monitor, engage, and analyze your Twitter activity. TweetDeck includes a feature called "search columns" that allows you to search for specific terms or hashtags and view the resulting tweets in real-time.

    Twitter Search API: The Twitter Search API is an official API provided by Twitter that allows developers to search for tweets and access other data from the Twitter platform. You can use the API to search for tweets containing specific keywords or hashtags, and retrieve the resulting data in JSON format.

    It's important to note that Twitter has strict rules around the use of its data, and it's not allowed to scrape Twitter data for spamming or automated follow-back purposes. Make sure to review Twitter's developer policies before using any of these tools.
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    Yes, you can use FollowersAnalysis ( to export any public Twitter user's tweets in a CSV/Excel datasheet and analyze it.

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    To extract data from Twitter without coding, you can use an automated web scraping tool - Octoparse. It will help you to scrape data from not only twitter but other social media sites also.

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    Octoparse is a great app. With the right settings, you can parse any social network by various parameters, such as hashtags, keywords, etc.

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