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    Private domain registration is what we need in todays time.
    When we get private domain we own it and can use it the way we think is right.
    Private domain comes with its responsibilities.
    You have to be careful while building your brand.

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    When selecting private as an option, then users will not be able to see your address or contact information associated with your domain. As a result of the public not being able to see who owns the domain, you’ll get far less spam emails and solicitation. The other benefit of going private is you can pick and choose what information is displayed.If your competitors are a concern, then privacy will keep them from finding who owns the domain they’re researching.

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    See, as per the guideline of ICANN you as a domain registrar are not allowed to share the private details of the customer that includes name, email, number etc. because it can cause infringement of basic internet laws.

    Hence on WHOIS data, you see the details of the provider and not the customer per se and rightly so. WHen I purchased domains from a client from BigRock, it was a mandate that I share details on WHOIS on behalf of BigRoc because ICANN sees this as one of the best methods of domain name secrecy because in a competitive field, many customers are harrassed saying that they are breaking laws when they have themselves done nothing. It is a tactic used by providers and cheap fraudulent to harrass people into giving domain names of their choice.

    I feel it is a good step, so always check if you have a provider who can keep these details a secret.

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    Private Domain Registration makes it so that interested parties can get in touch with you about your domain while keeping your personal contact information hidden. With Private Domain Registration, WHOIS lookups show special contact information, like the email address

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    Having your personal contact information exposed makes it easier for people to scam you or hijack your domain name. If you run your business from home, having your personal information exposed to the entire world means anyone could find out where you live, which could put you and your family's safety at risk.

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