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    Transfering domain

    I'm trying to transfer my domain from my current webhost ( to a new one. However I need an EPP authorization key for the transfer. The problem is lowbudgethost won't answer my emails and has shut down my account. How do I get them to give the the required key? I'm losing money every day my site is offline. I wish I had changed the webhost earlier as lowbudgethost's service was louse from the beginning.
    Anyone knows what I could do?

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    From there site i see:
    AIM Screen Name = LowBudgetSupport
    Yahoo Screen Name = LowBudgetHost
    Try adding them you may have some luck.
    If not im not too sure what you can do

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    Who is registered as the 'registrant'? You can check by doing a WHOIS. If you are then you are the legal owner of the domain and should be able to transfer. If not then you should make sure to do this in the future.

    If you know a domain registrar that you want to go with explain the situation to them and ask them if they can help you get your EPP number from the host. Sometimes these companies don't want to aggravate a big domain registrar and will be more helpful towards them. Try a really big domain registrar.

    Call them. Tell them you are a lawyer from XYZ law firm and you want to talk to the person in charge of hosting accounts. Explain that your client is losing money every day over a refusal to turn over the EPP number and they are going to be sued if they don't give it to you today. Start off, "Hello, this is Joeseph Morgan of Morgan & Epstein Legal Services. I'm calling on behalf of <Your Name> and I need to speak to the person in charge of hosting services."

    If you can't call them, I would email them and say you have contacted a lawyer and if they don't turn over the EPP number you need you will sue them for the amount of money you are losing every day. If they still don't respond then you may want to contact a lawyer and send them a formal letter telling them to release the EPP number or prepare to get sued. That will cost you some money to have a letter sent but at least you can get your site back.

    Good luck!

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    Do a whois and find out who the hosting company used to register the domain, almost all of them are not ICANN accredited registrars but just a reseller. Failure to send you the EPP key would probably be in violation of their reseller agreement with the parent registrar and you could contact the parent directly to help you out.
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    Hello, If they are not providing you the domain panel also then it is useless to contact them. And also it is useless to love your current domain. Forget it and have a new domain for you from a good service provider.

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