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    As above already mentions what strace is, here is how you may use strace.

    You have a process running and you are not sure why the process seems to be stuck for a long time. To investigate what is going, you would run below:-
    strace -p <_process_pid> -f -t

    -f would trace child processed spawned
    -t would print timestamp
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    Quote Originally Posted by abhilash View Post

    What is the use of strace command?


    Strace command is used to captures and records all system calls made by a process and the signals received by the process. In case a program crashes or behaves in a way not expected, you can go through its systems calls to get a clue of what exactly happened during its execution. Strace is more advanced way of troubelshooting.

    Simply run a command with strace in shell, for tracing of all system calls made by the df command.

    root@localhost:~#strace df -h # This command will generate the system call made by the process during its execution.
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    I am not so sure about this but I think it is a command line tool for debugging specific fo Unix OS.

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    Strace is a better tool for the Linux system. It keeps capturing an underlying system calls and their activity. If a program in your system gets damaged or is not working properly, then you can go to the system call to find out the reason and you can see it there.

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