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    What tools and equipment do architects need to design?

    Hi, im

    currently designing a house on AUTOCAD. I was recently asked to draw out all the plans on to paper and model it, but the problem is that i don't have the equipment i need and to make it. All i need are the basic stuff and hopefully i get a lump sum of money in the end of the project.

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    This question is ridiculous. Why? Because this question was asked by a yahoo member in 2010, 4 years ago. Then jackthomas087 copied the question and asked here, it is a big joke. LOL>.....
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    I am not trying to be offensive, but I have to wonder if you should be designing houses with no knowledge of how to construct them, hand draw plans, or even make a model.

    Basic Stuff for Architectural Model Building:
    1. Poster board, tag board, foam board, etc.
    2. Metal 12" or 16" ruler
    3. Protractor
    4. 30-60-90 triangle
    5. 45-90 triangle
    6. x-acto knife or other brand with extra blades
    7. Architectural scale (looks like a triangle, six sided ruler)
    8. Drawing pencils like a 2H, 6H & HB + sharpner
    9. Glue stick, elmers glue, scotch tape,
    10. 24" t-square or other long straight edge
    11. Drawing board use the other side for cutting when model building
    12. Large sheets of drawing paper, tracing paper, or newsprint. You can usually get end rolls of newsprint for free from your local newspaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackthomas087 View Post
    Hi, im

    currently designing a house on AUTOCAD. I was recently asked to draw out all the plans on to paper and model it, but the problem is that i don't have the equipment i need and to make it. All i need are the basic stuff and hopefully i get a lump sum of money in the end of the project.
    Autocad is a good software. I would recommend to buy licence online, software is a nice place to do it.

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    I am sure that for designers and architects, the best tool is autocad. I have been working with this tool for more than three years, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the work because it helps to improve the quality of drawings and drawings. I think autocad lt price is interesting enough to try it. That's why it's essential to have a steely grip and much inspiration in a business like this. For any architect, autocad will be the perfect tool to show your capabilities in the industry.
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    I'm not sure you should take on an order where you are asked to do something that you did not initially specify in the skills. Because if you make a mistake in the drawing, and it is taken as the main one for creating the project, there can be terrible consequences.
    My architect friend, who worked on the creation of the shopping center, would say so. By the way, here is his brainchild — I liked the design so much that I'm thinking of renting an office there myself.
    In addition, I can be sure of the safety and quality of the equipment. In general, be careful.
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    The equipment that an architect needs to have will be determined by which kind of architecture they are interested in creating. The style of the building, its size and materials involved should all be taken into account when considering what kind of design tools would suit it best. Architects need gloves to protect their hands while working with samples of materials so they can get a feel for how they will affect the overall building. Architects may also use gloves to avoid leaving behind fingerprints when handling evidence at a crime scene. What gloves should architects avoid using? Latex gloves should be avoided by architects because they can cause allergic reactions and irritations. Architects typically wear gloves that are made of cotton, latex or nitrile rubber due to the style of gloves they each provide for work with different materials. Cotton gloves are meant for working with drywall and textiles. Latex gloves are intended to be used with wood and other materials that require gloves that are more durable. Nitrile gloves are used to protect the hands from chemicals. They also work well for protecting against substances like concrete dust which can irritate without gloves. I can recommend this site: to find perfect gloves!
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    drawing board. Before we get to the basic tools, let's take a look at where architects even work. ...
    T shape.
    Set squares and triangles.

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