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Thread: Benefits of VPS

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    Cost Saving
    Managed VPS vs VPS Hosting
    Proper Security
    High Level of Control
    Customize the Server
    Data backup
    Domain Domains

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    Benefits of VPS Hosting
    •VPS hosting offers complete freedom to the webmasters and site owners to access the host server and to make server customization according to the hosting sites.
    •VPS hosting is effective and hosted sites have their own amount of server resources, which are isolated from other sites hosted in the same physical server.
    •When it comes to security features, VPS hosting outstands all other hosting types and equals with the dedicated server level. All the files hosted in the VPS server are inaccessible to other clients who hosted their sites on the same physical server.

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    Assuming the question is, VPS vs dedicated, the best i guess is price. It will depend on the SPECS of the VPS in mention.
    VPS: manageability, os reloads in seconds, price, backups/snapshots, etc.
    Dedi: higher price, not so manageable, more time consuming.

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    The top VPS Features are as follows:
    1. It provides dedicated resources environment
    2. The price is affordable
    3. Control panel to control the hosting services
    4. Scalable resources
    5. Provides high loading speed
    6. High security
    7. Higher flexibility
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    Hello All,

    As i think, the major difference between VPS and Dedicated server is pricing. You can have cheaper, reliable, secure and affordable VPS server. whereas, dedicated server is quite higher price than the VPS. if you need good quality servers and best pricing with professional support then i recommend you to check with c4switch.

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    Benefits of VPS
    -Improved reliability
    -Dedicated resources
    -Increased performance
    -Software freedom
    -Cloud data backups
    -Server monitoring

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