Vortech introduces its New "Niobe" reseller plan. It is perfect for the budget-minded reseller looking for an inexpensive solution that includes unlimited domains, email and databases under one unix based account. Starting at only $20.00 per month and including 1000 MB of space and 30 GB of transfer, the new "Niobe" plan will allow you to keep your costs low and your profit high.

For complete new plan specifications see:

Vortech is also giving FREE automatic plan upgrades to all existing reseller plans! That's right, plan storage and bandwidth limits have just been raised on all Vortech's reseller plans. For example, Vortech's flagship "Cypher" plan now includes the same Windows and Unix hosting capabilities with unlimited domains, emails and databases, but with a larger 3000 MB space limit and twice the original plan's bandwidth at 60 GB!

Vortech's mission is simply to be the best! As operators of the world’s largest H-Sphere server cluster, they are proud to be able to provide quality and value in ways other hosting companies can not match.