1. 8 Core 8 GB Dedicated Server VoipSwitch $99/M Rent
2. All 6 iTel Dialers $99/M Rent. (Bytesaver for Antiblock and Bandwidth saving $50 extra rent.)
3. 8 Core 8 GB Dedicated Server iTelSwitch $119/M Rent (Bytesaver and all 6 iTel Dialers $99/M extra Rent.)
4. Platinum iTel Dialer upgrade with Bytesaver $6000 one time purchase price. (Whitelabel with Logo customization, No opcode, and own download links)
5. iTelSwitch purchase $3000 one time fee.
6. Video and Chat enabled iphone and Android dialers for VoipSwitch $29/M Rent

Please visit www.datasoft.ws for more details.