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    ClouDNS | Free, Premium and DDoS Protected DNS

    About Us
    ClouDNS is a specialized DNS hosting company - for more than five years we offer Managed DNS. Since 2010 we offer to our customers free DNS servers located in four different countries in Europe and USA. The Free DNS is limited to 3 domain names.
    For the management of more domain names, we offer Premium DNS hosting that includes more functionalities and additional 10 DNS servers located in five continents.
    Since 2014 we provide DDoS Protected DNS to customers having DDoS attacks against their DNS.
    Our newest service from 2015 Private DNS servers. This is a top solution for DNS outsourcing with fully delegated cloud DNS servers, managed and supported by our team.

    Free DNS
    - 4 DNS servers in Europe and USA
    - 3 domain names
    - Unlimited DNS records for each domain name
    - Unlimited Web redirects
    - 3 Mail forwards
    - Dynamic DNS for devices with dynamic IP addresses for example IP cameras
    - Register your Free account from here

    Premium DNS
    - All Free features
    - +10 DNS servers located in five continents Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia
    - 40 or more domain names
    - 200 or more Mail forwards
    - Domain parking a simple web page with various templates, contact forms and domain selling tools
    - Zone Transfers our servers can be used for both Primary and Secondary DNS
    - Reverse DNS for the owners of IP networks
    - TTL from 1 minute to 2 days per each record
    - DNS branding
    - Detailed statistics
    - HTTP API you can integrate all your scripts and instruments with our services
    - 1,000 % Uptime SLA if you have one minute downtime, we will compensate you with 10.
    - The plans start from $2/month
    - Compare all Premium DNS plans

    DDoS Protected DNS
    - All Free features
    - All extended features Domain parking, Zone Transfers, Reverse DNS, TTL management, DNS branding, Detailed statistics and HTTP API
    - +4 DDoS Protected DNS servers in Europe and USA. Guaranteed protection up to 10Gbps
    - 50 or more domain names
    - 50 or more Mail forwards
    - 10,000% Uptime SLA if you have one minute downtime, we will compensate you with 100.
    - The plans start from $4.95/month
    Compare all DDoS Protected DNS plans

    Private DNS Servers
    - All extended features - Domain parking, Zone Transfers, Reverse DNS, TTL management, DNS branding, Detailed statistics and HTTP API
    - Delegated resources guaranteed CPU, RAM and network connection
    - Dedicated IP every Private DNS server has own IP address that can be branded with your name for example
    - The perfect solution for DNS outsourcing the servers are supported by our team, you do not need to have any in-depth knowledge of system administration. The management of your domain names can be done either through our Control panel or HTTP API.
    - Available servers in 9 different locations in Europe, North America and Australia
    - Price from $19/month per server
    - Check all available Private DNS servers configurations

    Why ClouDNS?
    We are a specialized company with over five years experience at the DNS administration. The easy-to-use Control panel we provide, is being developed and expanded with different functionalities every day. All its conveniences can be integrated in your instruments or web site through our HTTP API you can accomplish complete automation if you manage a lot of domain names.
    Thousands of people have trusted in us to host over 200,000 domain names at our servers.

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    If you have any questions, please contact us at

    Dessy Georgieva
    ClouDNS Team

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    Hi ClouDNS I'm interested in you private DNS server package. Are you still offering this package?
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    Can you please tell me the price of Premium package now??

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