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    How to get your own website? Know three Important Steps

    Are you planning to get your own website? If the answer is yes, then do you know about the steps involved in getting your own website? It’s great if you know, and no need to worry if you don’t because it’s very a simple and easy process to get a website.

    Getting a website involves three steps which are as follows:
    1. Choose and register a domain name
    2. Buy a web hosting plan for your website
    3. Create pages for your website and publish it

    1. Choose and register a domain name
    The first and most important step to get a website is getting a suitable domain name for your website. The domain is the name of your website on the internet ( Without a domain name your website will never get published.
    To find and get a domain name, you have to buy it from a domain name registrar. Here, you first have to search for the domain name that you are looking for and check whether that desired domain name is available. If your desired domain name is available, you can book that domain name for your website.
    With this domain name, anyone can access your website once it is online. Remember, the domain names are unique i.e. two domain names cannot be exactly same. This concept goes the same way that two postal addresses cannot be the same.

    2. Buy a web hosting plan for your website
    Now, when you are done with booking your website’s domain name, it is time to get a web hosting plan from a web hosting company that will host your website. Web hosting is an important service that you need, so that your website is available and accessible for visitors around the world.
    When looking for a web hosting company, you will come across a number of web hosting companies. While choosing a web hosting service provider you need to think over a number of aspects. The important aspects to be considered while opting for a web hosting service provider are as follows:
    a. Disk Space
    b. Band Width
    c. Website Creator

    a. Disk Space
    The most important thing to be considered while opting for a web hosting service provider is disk space provided by that service provider. Disk Space is the space provided by the service provider to store your website files. The more is the disk space provided the better it is for your website.
    b. Bandwidth
    The next important aspect is bandwidth. Higher bandwidth means that a great number of visitors can access your website simultaneously. The higher the bandwidth the better is your website’s performance.
    c. Website Creator
    If you are creating a website for the first time, then you may not have enough knowledge for creating a website using a computer language like HTML. Hence, you need software like WordPress or a website builder which will make it easier for you to create your own website. Again, this is also an important thing to check while selecting your service provider, and ensure that the one you choose provides it.
    3. Create pages for your website and publish it
    The last part in this process is creating the web pages for your website. As stated above, you may use either WordPress or a website builder tool for this purpose. Then upload and publish them on your website, so that these pages become live and can be viewed by your website visitors.
    This is all you need to do, to get your own website and make it live on the internet. Isn’t it simple?

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