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Thread: Page load time

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    1. Optimize Caches improve Page Load Time
    2. Trim Down JavaScript Parsing to achieve Ideal Page Load Time
    3. Do Away with Redirects and Improve Website Speed
    4. Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets to Speed Up your Website
    5. Apply CSS3 and HTML5 to Improve Page Load Time
    6. Minimize Image Size to Reduce Average Page Load Time
    7. Apply AJAX to Speed Up your Website
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    by removing unwanted plugins, optimizing your site

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    1.Optimize Caches improve Page Load Time.
    2.Trim Down JavaScript Parsing to achieve Ideal Page Load Time.
    3.Do Away with Redirects and Improve Website Speed.
    4. Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets to Speed Up your Website

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    Fast page loading is very important.

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    Process to reduce the Page load time:

    1. Decrease your server response time
    2. Compress images in Gzip format
    3. Upgrade images
    4. Optimize CSS
    5. Reduce the number of the plug-in of the site
    6. Limit the number of redirects
    7. Minimize HTTP redirects
    8. Enabling browser Cache
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    Less page load time is beneficial for the website, this is increases traffic on your website. There are some ways to reduce page load times like
    -Use minimum size images
    -Compress and optimize site content
    -Caches website pages
    -Reduce 301 redirects
    -Place CSS and Java Script coding in external files

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    Optimize Caches improve Page Load Time.

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    If you want a quick answer, the Google recommended page load time is under two seconds: “Two seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half-second.” Fast matters, especially when it comes to customer service.

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    Check the Current Speed of the Website.
    Optimize Your Images.
    Don't Scale Down Images.
    Compress and Optimize Your Content.
    Put Stylesheet References at the Top.
    Put Script References at the Bottom.
    Place JavaScript and CSS in External Files.
    Minimize HTTP Requests.

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