So what are the advantages of hosting your website on cloud?

Minimize Cost

Remove Capex and offers reduced Opex because maintenance and labor costs associated with managing the infrastructure is covered by a service provider.
Economical and easy to set-up because hardware, bandwidth and applications cost are also covered by the service provider.
Utility pricing because no wasted resources, you pay only for what you use.
Better agility because offers self service provisioning of resources without human intervention.
Organizations can reduce their It budgets as they donít need to buy physical hardware.

Business Agility

Provides elastic compute resource based on business needs
Access to compute resources through API, helping applications to scale automatically without any human intervention.

Reduce Time

As the servers are hosted on cloud, if one server fails, another can be instantly activated, reducing the down time.

No maintenance

Due the fact that your website is hosted off site, your organizations donít need to spend money to have an IT employee to monitor the system, as it is handled by the service provider.
Businesses donít need to deal with physical hardware; it can be maintained from simple configuration screen.

Availability and Reliability

Your website is easily accessible from any corner of the world using an internet connection.

24◊7 Supports

24◊7 support by in-house experts, as your website is hosted on cloud.

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Backup and Recovery

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