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A data center is the unknown hero of the digital world. Imagine a giant server warehouse - a high-security building packed with computers and storage systems. These store all the data that powers websites, apps, and online services you use daily. Think of it as a central hub where information is kept safe, cool, and regularly accessible!
It really is... can you imagine what would the world be if there was no data centers?

Websites, at this scale... we wouldn't know them like we do today.

I actually didn't see the whole mention of Tiers, in 5 pages, but there are 4 tiers for Datacenters. The higher the tier, the more expensive and demanding it is, but also guarantees are greater.

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I understood what a data center is, thanks for enlightening me.
But can anyone explain to me how RAID is used in data centers?
It's used to improve speeds to the enduser - multiple simultaneous uses require multiple paths for data to freely flow, don't they? That's what RAID is for. That, and also for backups.