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    Thanks for the information.

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    Grerat post by all. Thanks to show your interest.

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    Strong passwords, SSL and anti DDOS features from the hosting service are a must.
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    The Following steps are Secure a website,
    1.Keep your website up to date.
    2.Use security software or plugins.
    3.Prevent users from uploading files.
    4.Install an SSL certificate.
    5.Use HTTPS encryption.
    6.Create secure passwords.
    7.Hide your admin folders.
    8.Keep error messages simple.
    9.Always hash passwords.

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    It would be best to use a professional SaaS based web security provider:

    Robust Security - With 30+ websites, it is best to have a robust security platform that can prevent different types of frauds like brute force attacks (account hijacking and carding fraud), web scraping (content theft, data theft), form and comment spam, user data theft and others.

    Automated Security - It is a daunting task to manage security for 30+ websites if not managed in an automated manner using machine learning algorithms. A professional web security provider like InfiSecure will have automated monitoring and real-time protection.

    Low Cost Services - Using a SaaS based security provider is very cost effective. Check out InfiSecure's innovative pricing here - Pricing | InfiSecure

    Minimal Workload - Managing security through a third-party provider will keep your workload to a minimum. A single person will be able to monitor the security for all the 30+ websites all by himself.

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    use really simple ssl plugin and itheme security plugin. your site will not hack again.

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    I think that this tips we can use also in order to secure our payment accounts. Because I heard that the number of hacks and frauds with money is increasing every day. Did you know that the hackers have write the tutorials for beginners about carding and cashout methods (it is about how to steal money from us). Here is the example of such tutorials That's why we need always use strong passwords and update it regularly. You can secure your email address and phone numbers. Be sure to set up SMS notifications, so you will be notify if somebody will use your account.

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    1. Use Secure Passwords
    2. Be Careful When Opening Emails
    3. Install Software Updates
    4. Use a Secure Website Hosting Service
    5. An SSL Certificate Keeps Information Protected
    6. Secure Folder Permissions
    7. Run Regular Website Security Checks
    8. Update Website Platforms And Scripts
    9. Install Security Plugins
    10. Watch Out For XSS Attacks
    11. Beware of SQL Injection

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