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COUPON CODE: HOSTSEARCH20 - Only for shared hosting plans
Shared hosting - This is for website hosting, servers they are hosted on are all offshore, and completely DMCA ignored, which allows you to host things that DMCA usually wouldn't allow! We have a range of plans, to ensure you select the right one for your website! These make sure that your website is the most private it could ever be!

Windows VPS/VDS - Our Windows VPS Option is full admin, and we only put 1 user per server however you are admin so you may create as many user accounts as you please, our resources are dedicated and high end so expect the best speeds when operating on them, we support freedom of speech so feel free to host a cracking site, crack , hack whatever as long as it doesn't come into contact with our RULES/T.O.S



Contact options: (my personal)
Whatsapp = +64273561572 (You can also call this number on skype if you need to talk to me)
Or on site queries.
You may ask questions on the thread too!