ServerSuit is a new generation control panel for remote cross-platform Linux server management right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The application dedicated to both professional administrators and first-year tech students with lack of network knowledge.
Since the most apparent part of optimizing server performance is actually being aware of what’s happening in the server, the monitoring is the core. However, if you’re trying to get the most out of your server, it would be nice if your server monitor would not undermine its performance.
ServerSuit minimizes its performance impact to great Nothing, because it never installed on your server being operated purely online (SaaS). It is fully accessible through the browser on your mobile device, implementing SNMP, ICMP, and SSH to get up-to-the-minute server updates.
ServerSuit control servers via native secure shell connection.
You Can:
Monitor state and manage services
Manage user accounts
Install and configure MariaDB database server
Setup and configure LAMP and LEMP stack
Manage DNS and domains
Setup and configure FTP server
Multiple Server Management
Monitor server state and resource utilization
Perform basic administrative tasks
Nothing gets installed on managed servers.