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    Well, if you go by operating system type, VPS hosting services can be classified into two categories namely: Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. On the other hand, if you go by the management type, these can be divided into two categories again: Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting.

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    Windows VPS Hosting:
    Managed VPS Hosting:
    Cloud VPS Hosting:
    Multi VPS Linux Hosting:

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    There you have it, the three main web hosting types. There are other varieties out there, but it's important to note that these are less common, and most business and personal needs are covered by some form of shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting.

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    4 Types of VPS hosting

    1.Windows VPS Hosting
    2.Linux VPS Hosting
    3.Managed VPS Hosting
    4.Unmanaged VPS Hosting
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    Quote Originally Posted by benben1 View Post
    Shared Hosting - Each client shares server resources with other clients and are provisioned an individual ‘section’ of a server and sandboxed off from other users on that same server. Ultimately the hosting service controls resource allocation. This is the cheapest option.

    VPS Hosting - Virtual Private Servers use virtualization technology to partition a powerful server into smaller “virtual” servers. Unlike shared hosting, a client is given complete control over their server environment and has access to their own individual resources. More expensive than shared, but you get more.

    Dedicated Hosting - Unlike both VPS hosting and shared hosting, all resources and infrastructure – both virtual and physical – belong entirely to the owner either temporarily through a lease agreement or permanently through a purchase. This means that whoever operates a dedicated server essentially has full access to both the hardware and application infrastructure, and they’re the only ones who do. The most expensive for good reason.
    I do really appreciate your words and terms and it also helps me to gain my knowledge about it.

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    Types of VPS Hosting:

    On the basis of Virtual Machine Platforms & Containers
    1. OpenVZ(Software Virtualisation)
    2. Xen(Software Virtualisation)
    3. KVM(Hardware Virtualisation)

    If you want to know on the basis of the Operating System, there are two types:
    1. Windows VPS Hosting
    2. Linux VPS Hosting

    If you want to know on the basis of the management, there are again two types:
    1. Managed VPS Hosting
    2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

    VPS Server is one such way of making your website at par with the best market standards.

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