Hello, I would like to make a short introduction about Hybrid servers. Some of you might already heard about this type of virtualisation, other might not. So feel free add you experience and information in this thread.

First of all, how Smart Hybrid Servers works?

Smart Hybrid servers are based on KVM hypervisor virtualization layer.
KVM virtualization provides an opportunity to share a single hardware host for multiple users. As a result, the hypervisor creates Virtual Machine environments where each OS have the host's Processor, RAM and Hot-Swapable HDD Mirror RAID Array all to itself. This type of virtualization provides us an opportunity to satisfy our client needs with dedicated server resources.

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Why should you choose Hybrid Server instead of VPS?

VPS server is running on a public node, which means the resources of the physical server are shared with multiple customers. It is also known as a multi-tenant environment for users. The main problem faced from VPS users is that one client might over-use main server resources or network and directly affect other users projects, server stability or network speed.

Hybrid server is the virtual server running on a private node, so instead of using bare-metal server for one client, virtualization allows for multiple VM's to run on top of that physical server host. All of this happens while resources are intelligently shared between other VM's. One customer can have one or more virtual machines in the same server, not sharing with other clients. It guarantees you smooth server performance without interruption of bad neighbors.

Smart Hybrid Server price starts from 59$/month. Also, you can try them for one week - 14$