I'm curious to whether there is a solution to avoid our current problem of manually entering orders online.

I am interested in seeing if there is a tool that we can simply invoice the customer order via e-mail. Once they receive the invoice they can pay directly via card or paypal.

Ideally we need to limit the amount of time on our end, so in theory we would want the customer to enter their billing / shipping addresses themselves, and once they have paid we would receive a confirmation that would be printed and then the order fulfilled.

We currently use Magento community edition, but are open to other platforms, or a completely separate solution.

The website deals with customisation and requires us to consult with the client prior to them placing the order, (most sales are entered manually by us and are far too time consuming).

The idea was to simply enter the details of the order with the cost and postage on an invoice and e-mail it to the customer.

The customer would be redirected to the shopping cart and enter billing and shipping details along with their preferred payment method, (card / PayPal), and we would just need to print the order and create.

advice would be appreciated, again Magento not compulsory as long as there is something that can invoice to the above spec.