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    A directory is a website used to organize folders and files into a hierarchical structure.

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    A kind of website that contains information about many other websites

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    A directory is a structured listing of information, typically organized in a hierarchical or categorical manner. It serves as a comprehensive guide, helping users locate specific resources, businesses, individuals, or other relevant information within a particular domain or industry. Directories can exist in various formats, including printed books, online platforms, or digital databases. They often provide details such as names, addresses, contact information, and brief descriptions, facilitating efficient navigation and access to desired information. Directories play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility, connectivity, and convenience for users seeking relevant resources or services within a specific context.

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    A directory is a systematic list of names, addresses, or other information, usually arranged alphabetically or categorically for easy reference. Directories can be physical (like a phone book) or digital (like an online business directory). They are often used to find contact information for individuals, businesses, organizations, or resources within a specific area or category.

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    A directory for SEO is just like other business directories or business listings, where the directory compiles a list of businesses. A web directory for SEO is a website that journals topics in one or more categories and can also serve as a search engine. Websites like Wikipedia and YouTube are examples of directories.

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