Poland Dedicated Server

VandWeb provide Poland Dedicated Server, which AT data center located in Gdansk.Choose our dedicated server in Poland if you need reliability and high computing power. We have years of experience, high skilled technical stuff team and satisfied customers using dedicated servers in our data center.

You can choose one of many operating systems. We have 4, 6 and 8-cores processors in permanent offer. If you need reliable dedicated server in data center located in Poland you just found best place.Our server management panel allows OS installation (auto or manual with rescue mode), power and firewall settings management.

*Monthly paid,NO setup fee,NO hidden spending.

*365 days, 724 hour technical support.

Poland Dedicated server rental Notice:

*Free reboot and re-install the server with 24hours support;

*OS:Linux:free; Windows:60 USD;Add 1 IP:5USD; Add 4GB:18USD;Add 60GB SSD/500 GB SATA HDD:25USD;

*Bandwidth will be limited to 10 Mbps after data transfer exceeds 10 TB.;

*Please abidance by the local law when rental; sex, gamble, drugs or any other illegal behaviors are prohibited.

* Your satisfaction means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service commissioner, we guarantee you professional answers.

Email: sales@vandweb.com
Skype: letsidc_sales