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Hello, we are pleased to offer the following services of our hosting
VPS server (virtualization KVM);

On our site you will always find high-quality services at an affordable price.

Subscription plans VPS
  • (CPU: 1x3400 Mhz "Xeon", RAM: 512 mb, SSD: 15 Gb) - $3.8/mo.
  • (CPU: 1x3400 Mhz "Xeon", RAM: 1024 mb, SSD: 25 Gb) - $7.5/mo.
  • (CPU: 2x3400 Mhz "Xeon", RAM: 2048 mb, SSD: 40 Gb) - $15.0/mo.
  • (CPU: 2x3400 Mhz "Xeon", RAM: 4096 mb, SSD: 60 Gb) - $30.0/mo.
  • (CPU: 4x3400 Mhz "Xeon", RAM: 8192 mb, SSD: 80 Gb) - $62.5/mo.

VPS (Netherlands), VPS (Bulgaria), VPS (Ukraine), VPS (Latvia), VPS (United States).