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    SEO Techniques in Magento
    1. First, make sure you have installed the latest version of Magento.
    2. Then, go to this path: System => Configuration => Web => Search Engines Optimization
    3. Go to this path:
    System => Configuration => Design => HTML Heads
    Change the “Default Robots” setting to “INDEX, FOLLOW” so that search engines can index your website and show it in search results.
    4. Make sure your e-store is directly available to search engines by creating a “robots.txt” file containing commands that direct search engines to the URLs you want to appear in search engine results and also indicates which you don’t want to appear. Here’s a link to a good article that explains how to create this file and how to write commands in it.
    5. Make sure you write good descriptions for your new categories, products, and pages that include several words, so that search engines can accurately reveal those pages when potential customers shop for related ideas or items.
    6. To avoid duplications in URLs, go to this path:
    System => Configuration => Catalog => Search Engine Optimization
    and set “Use Categories Path for Product URLs” to “No”, as shown below:
    7. To prevent Magento from generating duplicate content when you want to show the same product in multiple categories, set both “Canonical Link Meta Tag” fields to “Yes” on that same page,
    8. You can also use category and product images to attract visits from search engines to your e-store by doing
    9. When adding a category, a product, or page, create a “URL Key” so that your e-store URLs become more search engine friendly
    10. To help Google index your site, generate a Google Sitemap automatically by going to this path:
    System => Configuration => Google Sitemap
    In the “Generation Settings” box, enable sitemap generation and change its frequency according to your e-store update frequency. This will allow Google to get your site’s most up-to-date sitemap that includes all new items.
    11. You can also easily add a “Google Webmaster Tools verification tag” in Magento by going to this path:
    System => Configuration => Design => HTML Heads
    Put your “Google Webmaster Tools verification tag” in the “Miscellaneous Scripts” box as shown below:
    12. Enable “Google Analytics” by going to this path: System => Configuration => Google API

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    12 Tips for Optimizing SEO on Your Magento E-Commerce Site: ""

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    Magento websites are particularly well built for being read: ... Magento users have detailed control over SEO assets such as Page Titles and meta data

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    Hello there! If you want to increase your online reach to maximum audiences, your website must be SEO optimized. It will help you rank your website on the first page of Google where you get the maximum chance to generate traffic and conversion.

    Here you can use try out these SEO tools to increase your ranking: Powerful SEO Extensions For Magento 2 Store

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    Utilize Headers and Title Tags. ...
    Optimize Product Page URLs. ...
    Eliminate Duplicate Content or use Canonical Tagging. ...
    Make Use of 'Nofollow' Link. ...
    Optimize Your Website's Homepage Title. ...
    Don't Use the Default Descriptions. ...
    Setup Your Sitemap Priorities and Include Images.

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