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    Lightbulb What to prefer .net or .com for the domain name ?

    Which one is very much friendly for the every process including the SEO !

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    I think that there is not any different among them. You should choose .com for ecommerce sites
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    Its different for different business segments. such as You should choose .com for e-commerce sites same as .co for a professional website or .net for gaming website

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    Most of the people thing or want to go with .com extension. Most of the company owner build website with .com which is first choice of their business name.
    For example:- Ecommerce website.

    A .org is also good choice but only non-profit website.
    For example:- Educational website

    A .net extension would be last one from these three options. website with .net extension better than other but it has lower Google ranking weight that the matching .com and .org extension.

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    For me, I would go with .com domain name. I think People prefers .com site and see them as authoritative. Also, If .com version is registered, I won't (at all) register it's .net or .org version if I really into building a brand name.

    All the best!

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    As said before .com should be used for commercial sites. I also agree that users might find this ending more usual or trustworthy. .net is mostly for networking services. Though, I think it's not prohibited to use these for other kind of sites.
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