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    Why Is It Important for Small Business Owners to Invest in Good Web Hosting Services

    With increased levels of market competition among small and medium scale businesses, companies have realized the significance of web hosting solutions. They have started to understand the various privileges that can be availed to make great online profits while doing business. But when it is all about investing to enhance online presence, most business owners focus on paid traffic, content monetization and design without concentrating on a solid foundation for their website. And due to this, most small business owners end up with a wrong choice as they do not properly evaluate their needs.

    It is very important for online business owners to understand the impact of web hosting for small business. Most websites and blogs are created to keep the customers well informed and engaged. Your web hosting service provider is responsible to make your site easily accessible to the internet users all over the world. Though web hosting solutions are not compared with flash technologies and exciting Digital marketing strategies, but it is important to consider the services carefully for the longevity and success of your business.

    Let’s take a look at its benefits for your small business:

    Downtime of your website can damage your business:

    If you are a small business owner and you have your own website or an E-store, then it is the most important component that can help you to be successful. It not only helps generate leads, increase sales and revenues, but also helps to build relationships with the customers. If you still think availing a low quality web hosting service won’t effect, then think again.

    Whenever a site goes down due to web hosting issues, online users won’t be able to access the site and gather information about your products and services. This forces your visitors to jump to other alternative sites, and will lead to losing great opportunities and sales. Frequent downtimes can also affect the image of the reliability of the company and this would lead to a bad reputation for the business.

    Protection and security of your business website:

    According to a survey, 88% business owners consider security as one of the most important criteria of their website. Most small business owners lack the advanced in-house tech support and don’t usually have enough funds to recover from any security breach. They want someone who can provide them the desired security at the network, application level and the platform. A good web hosting plan can help to block malicious activities, offer security solutions and also help during needs.

    24X7 support for your website:

    Another good reason for availing a web hosting service is that your business can operate 24x7 and your service provider will ensure that your website runs smoothly. The web hosting provider will also resolve any problems whenever you encounter them that will affect your website’s performance. Since it is not enough for small business to run websites and manage all issues in order to remain competitive, it is crucial to have a web hosting service that is reliable, efficient and cost effective.

    Better SEO ranking:

    Your website’s ranking in the search engine page is very important as it helps to drive organic traffic to the site. A reputed, well performing web hosting company will offer your site the best chance of performing better with the search engines and also improve the SEO of your site. A poor performing site with errors and slow load time will have a negative impact and have lower rankings in the SERPs.


    The importance of web hosting for small businesses has grown exponentially over the years and having a functional and running a website is important to remain competitive. Availing a reliable web hosting service is the key to success.

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    I agree in that far too many waste money on facebooks/google ads where they could spend more on hosting service to help increase the speed of their website which will, in turn, reduce bounce rate and increase sales that way. Visitors are busier than anything these days with so many different sites to choose from - why should they wait for your site to take 5-10 seconds to load; they do not have to wait that long and can go to a competitor website that loads 10x faster.

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    One of the reasons why it is important to choose the right web hosting provider is to avoid website downtimes that may cause the loss of sales of your products and services.

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    Yes its good to invest in good hosting service providers but I don't agree that you should not spend on facebook ad and other type of ad campaigns. What's the point of having a website if you have not a single visit on your website in a day.And in such cases, will your website downtime matter? Actually no. So I prefer first going on a temporary cheap hosting providers, do it seo and run various campaigns and shift to better hosting once you start getting results. We can't ignore the money factor which is very crucial for the small business owners. and good hosting services costs a few bucks more than the simple available cheaper ones.

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    Downtime means loss of sales. If your website is under attack due to poor levels of security or always experiencing frequent downtime, visitors will not hesitate to close your web page and opt for a better service else where. Having a website which is growth-oriented means you choose a provider that goes the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that your website will always be up and running most of the time.

    Choosing the right web host service is a critical decision. Aside from the downtime percentage, it is also important for a web host service to have remote backups. Security is also an important factor to take into consideration. Since cybercrime is becoming prevalent these days, many businesses can lose money each day due to the absence of online backups.

    You can protect your business against costly mistakes by ensuring that your web host has the right speed and efficiency. This means that your provider should have advanced features and high levels of security to keep cyber attacks at bay.

    You can also reduce cost by making sure that your content management systems are updated. A dedicated server is also the best way to go as it minimises the risk of cyber attack. When backing up your backups, it should be on different servers and different machines. However, every business needs to be aware that these backups are not completely immune to attacks. There are many cases when backups have been hacked. If this happens, you totally lose control of your website. Websites need to be secure to avoid chronic downtime. This way, the risk of web hosting companies losing websites will be prevented or minimised.

    Businesses should be aware when their DNS is being controlled. They should know if it is being handled by a third party, hosting company or the registrar. A web hosting company that can detect a problem with your website will also help you avoid any mistakes that can hurt your business in the future.

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    If you're running a business that relies on the internet, you must have a web hosting service. Web hosting services may have a significant impact on a company's success. It aids companies in achieving extraordinary outcomes.
    In contrast to low-level web hosting services, a professional web hosting provider offers a variety of advantages, including technical assistance and website security. Aside from that, professional web hosting for your company will provide you with the benefit of restoration and backup services.
    Web hosting services are a guarantee that your website will be accessible at all times, as well as the most recent software upgrades and updates.

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    Small businesses ultimately scale. So its better to invest timely on reliable web hosting.

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    Yes, I agree with the same... Your company will benefit from having a website hosted by a web hosting company.
    You risk having the high-quality services that go into creating an attractive website compromised by privacy breaches or data loss from hackers who are constantly looking for new ways to gain an advantage at any cost if you do not invest in a good web hosting service for your business. Investing now in good web hosting will save you money in the long run.

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    Here are the top reasons to go for high-quality web hosting services. Reliability – Web hosting providers that charge a fee can afford to keep their servers in good condition so they work more consistently. With a paid plan from a well-respected provider, you can take advantage of better uptime—sometimes up to 99.99%.

    Customer Service – Web hosting companies that charge for their plans can also afford to pay for skilled customer service employees. Many offer 24/7 customer service so you get the help you need at the moment you need it.

    Unique branding – Paid plans generally mean you don’t have to allow the web hosting company to include ads, you get a domain name that’s 100% yours, and you only have your own logo and name included on the site.

    Room to grow – This is one of the big things missing from free web hosting plans. Maybe what they offer works on day one, but if your website gets popular over time, or you decide you want to expand it to include more pages and elements, they’ll inevitably start to fail you. Paid plans allow more bandwidth, more pages, and can handle more traffic. And with most companies, it’s easy to upgrade to a new plan when the time comes.

    Security – Security breaches happen every day. If you want to protect your website from hackers and keep the data your visitors provide safe, one of the first steps is choosing a trustworthy web hosting provider. Free web hosting providers won’t have the same resources to invest in important security features and firewalls, so putting your website in their hands comes at a risk.

    Useful features – Paid web hosting plans to include a variety of useful features, such as social media sharing options, SEO features, e-commerce tools, automatic backups, website analytics, and security upgrades.
    We are an Indian WordPress Development Company in India providing reliable WordPress solutions to clients from all over the world, at our website you can also find a guide to choosing the best WordPress hosting, the latest updates and tips.

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    Verpex is Best Web Hosting Providers , Managed Wordpress , and Shared Hosting Plans & Reseller.

    Whether you're a startup, established business, blogger, or manage multiple websites, we offer the fastest cloud hosting plans to grow with your site. Pick a plan at Verpex, and start building towards success.

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    If you're a small business owner and are looking for a web host, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before making a decision to go with a certain provider. First, think about how many pages you need.

    If you're selling products based on your site, you'll need an ecommerce package that offers unlimited product listing and a shopping cart. If you're a service provider, you'll likely only need a couple pages, in which case a shared package will be sufficient.

    Verpex offers Managed Wordpress Hosting Services to individuals and organizations who wish to host their own web sites. There is no limit to the number of websites that you can host with our reseller hosting services, and we offer continuous support to you.

    For more information:

    Watch this Video: Click Here

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    Yes, I concur with that. A web hosting firm hosting your company's website will be advantageous. The right web hosting service can play a vital role in the growth of the company. It helps businesses in getting incredible results. Professional web hosting provides you with a number of benefits such as technical support and web security that lacks low-level web hosting services. A poor web host will mean your website is more likely to suffer by being unavailable or disrupted. It is very common knowledge that a site with poor web hosting is likely to suffer problems because the host will not protect the website. If your site goes down then you can lose your customers, lose revenue, and lose their trust.

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