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    responsive web design

    Hi all,

    What are the advantages & disadvantages of responsive web designing?

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    Responsive webdesign are those designs which will run on your desktop system, laptop, tablet and mobile etc. properly when they load. Responsive websites are displayed properly in any resolution. You should have proper CSS for working of the responsive site.

    Advantages of responsive website -

    1. Contents used to move easily and freely from one resolution to another, you don't have to make any special adjustment for running the site.
    2. Best user experience as users can access it easily on any device any time.
    3. Responsive site is the main factor for SEO now a days. The rank of responsive website has top rank than the normal website.
    4. Google considers the mobile responsive sites when there is matter of mobile usability of site.

    Disadvantages of responsive website - -

    1. The overall website loading time is more of the responsive website.
    2. It will might not run properly in all web browsers, there might be browser incompatibility issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edtech View Post
    Hi all,

    What are the advantages & disadvantages of responsive web designing?
    Responsive website helps to get your website visible clearly on every device. A website helps in boosting your brand sales and growth.

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    Low maintenance
    Brand consistency
    Load time


    Development time
    Different devices
    Limited support
    Navigation menus

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    Pros of Responsive Web Design:

    Less maintenance
    Gives better user experience
    Social sharing
    New devices
    Gives good SEO

    Cons of Responsive Web Design:

    Loading time
    Development of responsive design
    Implementation problem
    Limited resources
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    Responsive web design refers to the design that helps websites to adapt themselves in various portable devices like mobiles and tablets to access them. This helps to generate more traffic from various devices and build your search engine popularity.
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    Responsive meaning, its updated, thus more and more people will go back to your promotion.

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    People can access Responsive websites using their smart phone also, so we can say portability is one of the good option and accessibility for the users it will improve. User can easily read the website from laptop, desktop, tab and smart phone. Getting responsive web design will improve seo ranking also.

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    Here are the some advantages and disadvantages


    Consistent branding and user experience. Because a responsive website is one website that adapts to all different devices, all the information is available through the same user journey on all devices (and optimised for screen size). To explain this a bit further, a visitor on a desktop computer could enter your website and find the used Ford Fiesta page. They could then return later in the day on their mobile device, and because they will be looking at the same website they will be able to find the same page using the same steps. In addition, the look and feel will be the same, helping to support your branding.

    Optimised for SEO. Responsive web design is officially Google best practise. Because of this they prefer this approach, and can regard responsive websites better than those that aren’t mobile friendly. This can directly affect how well your website shows up in search results when people are “Googling” on a mobile device.
    Simpler maintenance. Because you don’t need to update the main site and then the mobile site, one change will update the content across everything. This is generally easier for your team if you use a content management system, or for your web design agency. Either way, it makes it a lot easier to stay on top of content and keep track of what’s been changed.

    Doesn’t redirect visitors to a separate mobile website. Redirections like this can be read negatively by Google, and can also slow the time taken for visitors to find the information they want.


    The very best websites have been designed specifically to be responsive – from layout to buttons and everything in-between. Whilst we can (and have) updated existing websites to become responsive, the ideal solution is to re-design, so that the site can perform at the best possible level.
    There are arguments to be made about whether visitors really NEED to be able to access the full website content. If you’re on a mobile, are you looking for certain information only? The only way to really tell is to use a program like Google Analytics to see how visitors to your standard site, on a mobile device, navigate the website. What do they look for and where do they go?

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    The best thing about responsive websites is that nowadays people browse the internet from different types of devices and if you have a responsive website it is more likely to get more traffic from these kinds of devices and increase your traffic and search engine visibility.
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    The Pros of responsive web design:
    One website
    One URL
    Easier SEO
    Easier marketing efforts
    It’s cheaper
    Easier analytics

    The Cons of responsive web design:
    Technical inconvenience
    UX(User Experience)
    Bad content adaptation

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