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    These are essentially keywords related to the keywords that you are searching for, and Google does this by using a system known as LSI

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    LSI refers to Latent Semantic Indexing, in order to avoid keyword stuffing in content we need to follow LSI strategy. It also helps you rank for your targeted keyword as well as for synonyms of your targeting keyword.

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    LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword.

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    LSI short for Latent semantic indexing it is an algorithm used by search engines to determine what a page is about outside of specifically matching search query text.LSI is an attempt to overcome this problem by looking at patterns of word allocation across the whole of the web.

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    LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are mainly keywords that are semantically connected to your principal keyword.

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    LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google. In short, they are keywords that are related to your main term. They help support your content and give it more context for both the search engines and your users. Benefits of using LSI keywords:

    1. Prevents your content from being labeled as spam

    2. Decrease the bounce rates

    3. Increase on-page time spent by visitors

    4. Improve search engine rankings

    5. Improve blog authority

    6. Increase sales

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