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    How to Choose the Most Suitable Web Hosting?

    Choosing the most suitable web hosting type would naturally depend on your web site's type and its requirements and would play a vital role in your Internet activity.
    You can divide all the web sites into three categories, such as:
    Small Business Homepages;
    Websites for E-commerce;
    Information Providers.
    These three web sites types would require different amount of Disk Space, Bandwidth and so on. Small Business Homepages make the "smallest" web site type in the industry and there are probably most of them exciting today. The best option for these web sites is to purchase a Free or Shared (Virtual) web hosting package.
    Websites for E-commerce are the websites that require more disk space and other resources and tools comparing to the previous website type. As if your website is to sell some goods or services you should expect for lots of visitors to come and their higher requirements. As there is a high competition among such sites and if your web site is down or if it doesn't operate in a proper way you'll probably lose a number of your potential clients and your profit as a result. Owners of such web sites should notice that best web hosting types for them are Co-location, Dedicated Servers (if you have a large Eshop). And Shared/Virtual or Virtual Private Server if you have no need in large Disk Space and Traffic amount or some other resources.
    Information Providers usually make the most demanding web site types as they are to provide users around the world with the necessary information. That would require much traffic spending. So it's best for such web sites to be hosted on Dedicated Server, Co-location or VPS (Virtual Private Server).
    The classification mentioned above is a bit rough and that is simply to give you the whole idea. Of course choosing a web hosting plan would require information that is more specific. Though no article can give a certain answer for example considering the amount of Storage space you'd need for your website. You may receive such information from the web hosting provider's support team. In this article we can only tell you about all the possibilities so that would be easier for you to choose.
    So coming back to web hosting types that have already been mentioned above there is an obvious need in their more specific description.
    Free web hosting and Shared/Virtual web hosting are similar in the way they are provided. In both cases you rent disk space from the web hosting provider on its server. You receive no control over the server's operating. Unlike Shared/Virtual web hosting Free web hosting does not provide you with any guarantees. So you get totally unprotected from the web hosting company's possible incompetence or its dishonesty.
    Dedicated web hosting is mainly for large companies or for resellers as the Disk space amount ranges from 800 MB to 25000 MB and even more. Most of Dedicated web hosting options are to be managed and secured by your own highly professional IT stuff. This could be pretty expensive too. Many web hosting companies today also offer such solution as Managed Web hosting that leaves all of your concerns for the cheap web hosting company to solve. There is also a Dedicated web hosting subtype and that is Co-location which means you place your own sever in the cheap web hosting company's Data Center. There are also two options of Co-location depending on that who maintains your server. That could be Managed and Unmanaged Co-location. These solutions work same as Manage or Unmanaged Dedicated web hosting.
    VPS/VDS (Virtual Private Sever/Virtual Dedicated server) make the best solution for large web sites too. This web hosting type took its place between Dedicated and Shared web hosting and has got the best from both of them. It is organized almost in the same way as Shared web hosting as you share one physical server with other customers but you have your own virtualized disk that is totally independent from other disks. So you don't have to perchance too much Disk Space if you don't need it and still have same security that is available with Dedicated web hosting.
    Today all the web hosting companies offer same web hosting solutions and there is a difference in prices and plans content only. So it would be more important for you to choose a cheap web hosting company and to make plan defining the main parameters when starting your Internet activity.
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    You can also check the below mentioned web hostign directory,

    A great collection of web hosting articales at :
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    Help on choosing the right hosting for you

    Check out this site,, it has a lot of information on free and paid website hosts and gives a break down of what they offer. Also has some really good tips on other parts of the website process.

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    Choosing a web host service is a very tedious task, but you can make it easier if you consider certain things before joining the bandwagon of any web hosting company.
    You have to know what you want because you have to go for a host service based on what you want to achieve with your website. You should not choose a host just because some else recommended it, because what's good for Mr A is not necessarily suitable for Mr B; meaning you might want to set up a forum while someone else may want a blog. You have to go all out and do a little research on different host that offers the kind of services you're looking for. Some places to do your research are Forums, review sites etc..............

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    Michael Cole you'f better create your own thread then up so old one
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    Kindly consider the below mentioned points when you wish to host a site with any web host:

    -> Timely update when you exceed bandwidth or disksapce
    -> Free setup on initial stage
    -> 24X7 fast professional support
    -> Latest hardware configuration of server
    -> 99.99% network SLA
    -> 100% uptime guarantee
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