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ByteFortress Technologies - A Leader in Off-Site Backup & Mass Storage

=== Service Highlights: ===
- Rsync + SSH Support
- Samba
- Free DataVault Agent Software - Do you require data compression? Software
Encryption? Automated scheduling and web based restores. Use of our software
is free with every datavault account.

- Fully Managed Solution - You're paying for much more than just backup space!
We work with you to develop and implement the ideal backup and disaster
recovery solution.

- Multi-Platform Support - Regardless of which platform you use our service is
compatible with it! Whether it be Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or FreeBSD we can
provide a solution.


[ ByteFortress DataVault Professional Edition ]

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Much more than just Backup Space. The ByteFortress DataVault is a Fully
Managed Disaster Recovery Solution. Secure, Customizable and highly
Scalable. Our DataVault Professional service offers your business the
best of everything. A Secure fully managed off-site/online backup and
recovery solution designed for the Business consumer who demands
Enterprise Grade Security and Reliability.

Standard Features:

* Free Multi-Platform Backup Management Software
Our software is 100% compatible with: Microsoft Windows
98/ME/XP/NT/2000/2003, Linux (Most Common Distributions), and Apple
MacOS X. Backup Scheduling and Restoration is done via a Secure Web
FrontEnd giving you the ability to manage your backups anywhere.

* Enhanced Security - All Data is encrypted (up to 448bit) before it
leaves your workstations or servers. Our DataVaults also employ
Virtualization to ensure your data is accessible only by you. If storing
something incredibly sensitive, we also offer Encrypted FileSystem
options. We offer additional protocol/software options, however your
VE/Data are only accessible by the protocols/services allowed by you.

* No Overselling - Overselling is a common practice used by alot of
Internet Access Providers. They operate on a user-to-resource ratio.
Most are able to offer what appears to be extremely cheap and
competitive pricing because they bet on you not using all the space or
resources advertised. If you do use all the resources advertised what
generally happens is either you're asked to leave or you're simply
unable to use all the resources you should be ablt to because of
limitations in their systems. With backup providers this is a dangerous
business tactic. That's why at ByteFortress, overselling does not exist.
You get exactly what you pay for.

* Reliability & Redundancy - Every ByteFortress DataVault employs the
latest in RAID technology. We're able to withstand Multiple Simultaneous
Disk Failures without Data Loss. In most cases, we're able to achieve a
higher level of Fault Tolerance than most "Mirrored Array"

* Multi-Node Support - Backup Multiple Workstations and Servers to the
same vault!

* Flexibility - You can still take advantage of our Secure Environment
and Fault Tolerant storage vaults even If you already have a existing or
customized backup software solution. The following protocols/services
are available on demand: Windows/Samba, NFS, Rsync, and FTP.

* Unlimited Data Transfer - Back up your data as frequently as you want
without any transfer limitations! This is useful if you want to take
advantage of our continuous backup schema.

* More than just Backup Space - We offer a Fully Managed Disaster and
Recovery Solution - Our experienced staff is available and will work
with you to plan an effective disaster recovery solution. In the event
of a hardware failure or other disaster, we manage the restore/recovery
process from start to finish. Giving you and your support staff time to
focus on keeping your customers informed.

== Affiliate Program Now Available! ==

Thats right! We now have our affiliate program where you can refer client/businesses to us and earn 10% residual commission for the life of the client after 30 days of them being with us. You can sign up and have your account created and you can start today!