>>To enable Spam Assassin:

1)Click on the Spam Assassin link in the Mail area.
2)Click on the Enable Spam Assassin button.

If spam box is enabled, all e-mail that Spam Assassin flags as spam is automatically delivered to the "spam" folder and you can delete them from the spam folder.

>>To enable or disable the Spam Box:

1)Click on the Spam Assassin link in the Mail area.

2)Click on the Enable Spam Box or Disable Spam Box as required.

You can also block an e-mail using spam filters. To add an e-mail filter:

1)Click on the E-mail Filtering link in the Mail area.

2)Click on the Add Filter link.

3)Click on the required header field in the first drop-down list. These are the various fields in any e-mail message.

4)Click on the required filter action in the second drop-down list. This action will act on the text entered in the third field.

equals - match the text exactly (whole words only). "Credit" will block "Credit".

matches regex - matches the text based on regular expression (regex) rules. Regular expressions are a powerful but complex area. You do not need to use regular expression filters for most circumstances. Refer to these two good introductory tutorials - Using Regular Expressions and Learning to Use Regular Expressions - for more information.

contains - match the specified text in any circumstance. "porn" will block "porn" and "pornography".

begins with - match the specified text when it is the beginning of a word. "porn" will block "porn" and "pornography" but not "teenporn".

5)Enter the filter text in the third field. This text is case sensitive.

6)Enter the destination for the filtered e-mail in the Destination field. There are three separate types of destination:

Destroy the e-mail - Enter Discard in the field.

Redirect to another address - Enter the e-mail address to which to redirect the e-mail.

Redirect to a script - Enter the full script path on the machine that hosts your web site.

7)Click on the Activate button.