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    Google Panda Effect

    How to new Google Panda effect on my website ranking? and what can I do for Google panda is not effected my website ranking. Please share your valuable knowledge.

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    Generally Google panda is affected to low level and duplicate content website because it is strictly work against of that website which is against of google guideline. Google panda is an algorithm which is introduced by Google and it is harmful to that website which is not built under the guideline of it.

    If you do not want to penalize your website by google panda then avoid duplicate and low quality content. Create fresh, informative and relevant content and update it frequently.
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    Google penalized maximum sites for only contents. So better to try unique and original contents. And avoid duplicate contents.

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    Panda is algorithm updates released by Google, which aim to decrease rankings of websites with low-quality content or which use black hat SEO techniques.major impact of Panda how it targets websites containing duplicate content. If a site had duplicate content, meaning the content on one website is an exact match (or very close match) to content on another website, the site that was ranking would be penalized, and its ranking would drop. All of a sudden there is a huge importance of having unique content on your website.

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    The Google Panda update happened in 2011 and is still causing many previously ranking sites to fall down the front page. What can you do? What changed?

    I will continuously update this page as seo peers of mine learn more.

    Delete or block low-value pages on your site. This will drag down the SEO value of your higher pages on the same domain.
    Shareble content. As in, people are compelled to share the content on your site.
    The metrics of your web users: time on site, bounce rate, how many pages they go to…
    Here is the video.
    One thing I have noticed while doing seo work is that domain urls seem to have a higher value when they match the keyword phrase exactly….has anyone else seen this trend?

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    The impact of Google’s ‘Panda’ update might be restricted to a relatively small number of 'low quality' websites, according to the search community.

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    Google panda and penguin update for check your website properly it my be your back links, content, keyword stuffing ext. after that these algorithms gave weight age to your website and page rank, so now only white hat techniques are successful.

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