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    fixed v/s flexible hosting

    A warm welcome to all the forum members

    I am a web designer from goa(India).
    I have just started a web designing business and initially need to host two websites on one account.
    Is it better to go for flexible hosting

    or should i go for fixed hosting.

    my idea of hosting two websites in fixed hosting would be as follows.

    i have on account of say 1000MB which i have registered under

    I have a second site called

    can i place the index.html file of in the folder which would be located at the following address

    and then redirect the domain name to the above index,html file

    will it work ?

    also can anyone suggest some good flexible resellers for newbies

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    Welcome to HN. With regards to your question, what you are looking for is multi-domain hosting; this type of hosting allows you to add an x number of domain names to an existing hosting account. You purchase a hosting plan lets say its 1000MB disk space and 1000MB bandwidth per month and allows you to host up to two domain names, you can then choose domain A to have 500MB disk space and 500MB bandwidth per month, and domain B to have 500MB disk space and 500MB bandwidth per month which when coupled together equals your total hosting account allocation.

    With this type of hosting you would not need any redirects; however, if you still wish to setup your hosting in such manner it can also be possible.

    Reseller hosting is pretty much the same as multi-domain hosting, however, with this type of hosting, you set the limits for your hosting plans and sell those on to other clients. Generally with reseller hosting you have a larger package allowing you to resell from until you feel you have nearly maxed out your reseller account, you can then upgrade to a larger plan, or eventually move to a semi / dedicated server.

    Best of luck with you search,

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    Hi nbodiju,

    In the long run, a reseller account give you more flexibility. You can choose to setup hosting accounts base on the size of your client's site. There are more things you can do as compare to using add-on domains to manage your client's site.
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    Just get a decent reseller account, which allows to host at least 5 domains and you'll be just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klimm View Post
    I think you may use ***************************************************************** as a flexible reseller account. Their sales manager is rather friendly and I believe he meets your needs.
    Hi Klimm,

    As outlined in our forum rules, can you please state why you recommend *****************************************************************? At this moment in time your post could be considered as self advertising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klimm View Post
    My domain name

    Thanks for posting the domain name, can you tell me how you have experience using ***************************************************************** please? As you are only permitted to reference hosting providers if you have past experience with the provider as this decreases the level of self advertising that has been appearing on HS lately.

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    klimm, what is meant by ahosting's flexible reseller account? What is flexible in it?

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    I can say that all customers like flexible accounts. It is reality.

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    Hello. As far as I understand flexibility - ability for creating custom accounts.

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