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    List the advantages and disadvantages of Colocation hosting?

    List the advantages and disadvantages of Colocation hosting?

    The advantage of there being no direct association between who owns the equipment and where it is stored.

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    Advantages and disadvantages of colocation include:

    >A more prominent measure of data transfer capacity is accessible.
    >Colocation hosting is more cost productive than hosting your own server.
    >Makes essential redesigns simple to acquire.
    >Room temperatures stay ideal for your hardware.
    >You have and full control over your server.

    >Initial start-up costs are high.
    >Colocation Hosting is more exorbitant than basic hosting.
    >You should buy your own particular hardware and updates.
    >Support to the server must be performed off-site at server farm area.
    >You are in charge of keeping up your own particular server, so you will require a technically knowledgeable individual on staff.
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    Here are some of the benfits of using Colocation Hosting:
    Greater amount of bandwidth is available.
    Colocation hosting is more cost efficient than hosting your own server.
    Your server is stored in a secure location.
    Makes necessary upgrades easy to obtain.
    Room temperatures remain perfect for your equipment.
    Should you move your business to a new location, your sever does not have to move with you.
    You have more flexibility and the ability to customize your needs.
    You have and full control over your server.

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    Better and robust infrastructure (i.e. network, power, security, etc ...). The cost is the only down part.

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    Advantages of Colocation Hosting Servers

    - The top advantages of using server colocation service are that it ensures high availability while lowering capital cost that enterprises have to spend on acquiring features like bandwidth, rack space, cooling and firewalls. Security of data is another huge advantage that companies can enjoy by using colocation services.

    - Second, it ensures more control over the server. The vendor only controls the physical aspect that you could do better without. This ensures that clients can customize all facets of the service, thus assuring more freedom than traditional hosting.

    - It spares the organization the trouble of maintaining server infra and reduces complexity of the business. Reduced workforce means the organization can be better managed and efficiently run.

    - Lastly, colocation allows you to expand your infrastructure without stressing too much on capital expenditure. Technically, the need for expanding infra grows every year and can as much as double in every five years.

    Disadvantages of Colocation Hosting Servers

    It can be sometimes hard to find a colocation provider near your corporate, especially when operating in remote areas. Though co-locating to a distant data center is always an option, it will create as much problems as it will solve. Travelling back and forth to such colocation sites can limit the time spent in office doing productive work. Though better than hosting in several aspects, colocation can cost more than managed hosting services in some cases.

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