Without deep foundation we can’t imagine a strong building. Similarly, it is related with the web hosting services. If you are purchasing web hosting service and quality of hardware is not good but you have top quality software then it is waste because you will not be able to derive maximum output from your software.
Here in this I will take you briefly through a quick overview of the quality of Web Servers/Hardware:
1. Enterprise SATA HDDs : Ds. Amongst any others, one big reason why Enterprise SATA HDDs provide better performance than Desktop HDDs is the difference in their anatomy, built and design.

2. DDR3ECC RAM : DR3ECC RAM, the latest and most modern type of RAM, with a high bandwidth (“double data rate”) interface, is an abbreviation for double data rate type three error correcting code random access memory.

3. NAS Backup :
NAS (Network-attached storage) is file-level server data storage. Potential benefits of network-attached storage server backup, compared to traditional server backups, include faster data access, easier administration, and simple configuration.

4. RAID : In today’s competitive environment, the most valuable asset for any business or organization is data. Data loss means business loss. A fool proof system is hence needed for ensuring data protection against online failure of disk. RAID technique leverages the idea that multiple disks working together will offer better reliability and speed than a single expensive disk and would also prevent single point of failure. Depending upon the RAID type in use, RAID alleviates different issues associated with traditional hard drives, including high failure rate and limited speed due to its physical limitations.